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Hello will you realise a NeoGeo CD version ?

Hey mate, everything's on the table. Depends on if and how carts will get produced or not.

Does the Neo Geo have a big CD community? 

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i think you will sold more CD version than cartridge version. 

Looking very much forward to this sequel...u guys rock!

Thanks, mate... :) 

Can't wait to put it on my MVS NEO-GEO!

also SNK NEOGEO version! soooo great!

cheers ;)

Hope the NG version will be worthy of being running on the Neo-Geo... :)

Ahhhhh yesss great news !

Looking sweeeet ;D

Thanks Niko. Will need you testing soon... :)

Great :D I'm ready.

Awesome! Will there be a downloadable demo?

Soon.. :)

Best news on Mothersday! Thanks Michael!

Please keep us updated - it is always very interesting to have some insights in developement actions. Especially because you develope this game for Amiga and NeoGeo.

Will do, thanks for the kind words, Andreas.. :) Hope we will meet on Amiga37 as well.

I have tickets - if it is not cancelled we will meet on Amiga37! Cheers!

Very nice! Looking forward to that... :)

Looks awesome, can't wait!