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Looking fantastic, i wish you the best ! :°)

Great! Get it going, cant wait ... :-)

Any news on this?


This is still on track... Will finish Krogharr first, though... ;)

Cool! put me on the list for MVS too!

Looks awesome. Can't wait

Looking fantastic,Me and my A500mini are ready.

Hey, thanks for the kind words, JT!

Hope you will like the game when it comes out..

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Inviyya 2 looks totally amazing, cant wait & incredible work :) HYPERBLASTER AWESOMENESS!!!


Thanks, Denaris. Your words are much appreciated... :)

Hello will you realise a NeoGeo CD version ?

Hey mate, everything's on the table. Depends on if and how carts will get produced or not.

Does the Neo Geo have a big CD community? 

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i think you will sold more CD version than cartridge version. 

I think with a name like "neogeocdworld" you might be a bit partial... ;) :D

My current plan is to finalize the cart versions first off and then go for a CD version (which needs a different loading system to work) if feedback is good.

it might be worthing asking the developer of Hypernoid Tigerskunk to see how well that's sold/selling

One more request for NGCD version.

Let's see. A CD version would need a very different setup, though. Since you need to have loaders, etc, instead of just accessing the ROMs.
on the other hand, I won't have the hassle with the cart production on my neck, which is super expensive and difficult.
Really, no idea yet. Will see in mid 2023, and can give you an answer then.. :)

Looking very much forward to this sequel...u guys rock!

Thanks, mate... :) 

Can't wait to put it on my MVS NEO-GEO!

also SNK NEOGEO version! soooo great!

cheers ;)

Hope the NG version will be worthy of being running on the Neo-Geo... :)

Ahhhhh yesss great news !

Looking sweeeet ;D

Thanks Niko. Will need you testing soon... :)

Great :D I'm ready.

Awesome! Will there be a downloadable demo?

Soon.. :)

Best news on Mothersday! Thanks Michael!

Please keep us updated - it is always very interesting to have some insights in developement actions. Especially because you develope this game for Amiga and NeoGeo.

Will do, thanks for the kind words, Andreas.. :) Hope we will meet on Amiga37 as well.

I have tickets - if it is not cancelled we will meet on Amiga37! Cheers!

Very nice! Looking forward to that... :)

Looks awesome, can't wait!