Inviyya - new level released

The ADF version of the new version of Inviyya including the new level is ready to be downloaded.
Have fun, and give me some feedback if you like it and/or if you find some bugs... 

Will try to get the CD32 version of this uploaded in a week or so.

This will be the last update to the game in a while, I want to concentrate on my new game plus some other little ideas in future from now on. 


Inviyya_7LVL.adf 880 kB
Aug 06, 2021

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Hi there. I ordered the collector's edition a while back and received it a couple of days ago. First of all I'd like to compliment you on a job well done. I've had lots of fun so far  and appreciate the balance. One thing I'm wondering is how I could download additional updates here. Is there a way to register my physical copy?

You might get a mail by Poly.Play over the next few days.. ;)

Cool...looking forward to it and again lotsa praise...great game ....and free dlc...on Amiga!!....:D Keep up the good work and sensible pricing 👍🏻


great Tigerskunk ! however, a new trainer would be needed, because with your latest update the latest Flashtro Trainer doesn't work anymore ;-)

I guess you need ask the Flashtro people for that, I only provide the game as it is... ;)

Thank you, just downloaded

Great.. Hope you like the new level, mate... :)

Excellent, thx !!

Thanks for playing, mate... :)


How do I download the new level if I have already purchased the original game


just go to the main page of the game:

Then (when logged in) you should see "You own this game" on top of the page with "Download" button.
The button takes you to a page showing the files available for download.

the new update should be in the list... :)