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A horizontal SHMUP for the line of classic Commodore Amiga computers, Inviyya features  6 unique organic levels each with its own enemies and bosses, couple of weapon upgrades, 3 layer parallax scrolling and nice music and sfx.

Should work on every existing Amiga with at least 512k Chip and any other form of 512kb extra RAM (chip, slow or fast), PAL or NTSC ( for NTSC I recommend some slight acceleration above standard 7mhz 68K. Game is extremely playable as it is on these systems, but it will look smoother in some rare situations with lots of enemies on screen with a bit extra accelerator oomph). 


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

InviyyaSoundtrack.lha 140 kB
Inviyya_balanced.lha 1 MB
Inviyya_balanced.zip 1 MB

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Great work. Thank you so much for keeping  the Amiga community alive!

Thanks for buying my little game, mate... :)

Hi,  thanks for making a great game.  I saw you on Amiga Bill and remember you spoke a little about your development process.  Can you share more details on how you created the graphics?  I seem to recall you used GIMP?  How did you create Amiga compatible files?  Can you share some guidelines and pitfalls you overcame to get that process working?


Hey SilverRat.. :) Yep, i created the graphics in GIMP. Not much magic in there, though. Just using indexed mode with a palette of 16 colors, saving to a BMP, and then using some self coded scripts that do a simple chunky to interleaved planar conversion. Then saving the stuff into tiles or whatever needed.  


I just finished the game today after many hours of fun.

I can't wait to practice the next level and get my boxed version :-)

Thank you very much Michael for your excellent artwork.


Hey Sergius. Thanks for the super nice feedback, mate. Makes me happy to hear you had fun playing my little game..
Hope you will like the new level, heavy at work on it right now... ;)
Many greets from Munich,


Hi Tigerskunk, thanks for the game! And greetings from Finland!

As a gamer who has played tons of SHMUPs, this one is pretty good. Catchy music, varied levels, nice organic designs and decent difficulty. And for the Amiga! That’s something I like to support!

I just beat the game with my real PAL Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM and with Gotek. Everything worked nicely!

There is only one area I like to point out: the collision detection. 95% of the time it’s fine! But I ran into some spots that seemed to work little odd.

1. Third boss, you could hit the boss even when shooting way under past it. Also there was some invisible things (not bullets) killing you when travelled little closer to the right.

2. Fourth boss would not play any sound or flashing when damaged, so I was totally mystified in the beginning if I was even shooting it in the right place. Well, I guess I was when the boss eventually died.

3. Last level with the big ship, I once hit an invisible wall (or something) when I destroyed the two guns on the front and flew above the ship. I just died in thin air, not really even close to the ship. That was truly surprising. After that I was a bit afraid of these invisible killers.

4. First boss stops shooting after it dies but I think almost all other bosses shoot even after dying. Something I found little inconsistent.

5. The second level has some nice curved organic level design, l like it! But it seems quite hard to know which shapes you can touch and which will kill you because it varies a lot. No really a big problem, you can shoot the shapes and figure it out that way. But some improved consistency in the sprite shapes and the real collision detection would be nice!

All in all, good little game! I’m amazed that these new games are still made to these older computers and consoles. It really makes me happy!

I hope you keep on working on new stuff like Inviyya.

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Hey mate. First off, thanks off for the detailed and constructive criticism and playing and liking my little game.

I admit that the whole background collision detection thing is kind of the "weak point" of the game. I settled early on for a system that is super fast and reasonably effective, but might be a bit too unprecise for what people expect from a SHMUP, unfortunately. I will certainly improve on that the most for my next game, I promise!

On your points:
1) Hmm, no idea on that. Hope it's playable anyway ;)

2) That intentional. You cannot hurt him, you just have to wait for a certain amount of time passing.

3) I haven't encountered that myself. If you find or can record a video of that happening, it would be helpful. :)

4) Funny, didn't notice that myself. The bullets won't hurt you after explosion sequence starts, though. Maybe that's a little consolation.. haha

5) Yep, that unfortunately comes a bit along with the fast but a bit unprecise system I used for my collission detection. With these organic designs that flaw gets even a bit more obvious. I can only recommend to do "probe shots" in the direction you wanna go to check out of there is a wall there or not in the collission map. Usually I went for less collisions areas when in doubt.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words, mate.
Hope to improve on that stuff in my next game.

Also, watch out, I will add another level to the game to download for free. Will take me a month or two to create, though..


Hi Michael !

Heh, do you actually have some space left on the floppy disk ?! :)


New level sounds great, i cant wait!!! look forward ;)

Hello! I'm the webmaster of radio-paralax.de, a webradio dedicated to chiptune- and computer game remixes. I've planned a Livestream on Twitch for saturday evening and want to ask you wether it would be possible to get a free promotion copy for showing and reviewing the game in our livestream - maybe even for a longplay. You can also contact me over the website. I'm looking forward to you answer and would be to show the game in our community. :-)

Hey Paralax, schreib mir ne PM auf A1K! LG, Michi

Gerne! Wie ist denn dein Name dort? Leider drängt die Zeit etwas, da die Sendung schon heut Abend gegen 19:00 beginnt. :-)

Hello Tigerskunk! Congratulations on this awesome shooter! I would like to ask if its OK to promote the Digital version of Inviyya through AmigaLive.

As example: I can have a configuration ready for anyone who purchases the digital version and places the digital file under their emulation folder to allow them to easily play and stream their gameplay live through twitch.tv/amigalive

Off course, mate..

Sounds amazing, thanks for the promotion... :)

Thanks!! "Inviyya" is now available in the "Single Player Games" list of AmigaLive!

This allows anyone who owns the digital copy of "Inviyya", to be able to play and stream their gameplay live through the channel "twitch.tv/amigalive" by downloading and placing the digital file "InviyyaDigital.zip" under the emulator folder "AmigaLive\FS-UAE\Floppies

Love it, Mate! 

You require a complete address for "VAT". This is ridiculous. It only applies to the U.S..

The rest of the world is fine with the Country of origin.

plz talk to itch.io.

LOL, no idea mate. Isn't itch.io an US company?
Weird then... 

I really wanted to support you  more, but this is a no-go.

I get the boxed versions, but wanted to play it tnow.


Due to 2015 VAT MOSS regulations for EU this seller requires evidence of buyer location for purchases. Please provide your billing address to continue.


Nah, can understand that. That's really weird, mate. Sorry for that. No idea what they are doing here with this.
Anyway, hope you will have fun with the boxed set... :)

As a suggestion you may want to have a 'demo disk' version, and use something like ScriptedAmigaEmulator so people can see it in action.  So far it seems to run okay with the AROS rom, it just needs a bunch more RAM, which is cheap under emulation anyways ;)

Otherwise, it looks like fun, I'm just absolutely terrible at R-Type style games, so it's on me for not getting far at all, but I'm glad that I could support someone doing new games on the Amiga!

Hello, we’re interested in covering Inviyya for our podcast/website on our new Amiga CD32, but wanted to know if the download that’s up for purchase is already formatted for WHD loading from a CF via TF330 expansion board? (We’re still new to Amiga & wanted to know what we would be looking at to get setup before committing to coverage.)

Thanks again for your time!

Yes, this would work, mate.
Tony, who is my QA buddy tested it exactly on that setup!

(1 edit)

Play the INVIYYA ADF file on the winUAE Amiga emulator go to game ports settings and select what controller you are using & you can click AutoFire on and off it works great. :)

I will say this. All the people clamoring for this and that like this is a pub with a full menu... I don't get it. People demanding auto-fire? If they were to go buy a brand new road bike, would they also demand training wheels to go with it? Having to press the fire button requires effort, and it was a design choice I think one learns how to manage with practice. Holy smoke! Never seen so much whining and complaining over what in my mind has the potential to become a legendary game. 

In other words I trust your choices. It's your game, and it's brilliant. 

Deleted 63 days ago

As some have joysticks with autofire it is kind of unfair to people that do not have it. It is still a kind of cheat in this game. The fire mechanism is not my fav.. either, but you get used to it. Different weapon fire with slightly different speed. It is kind of realistic though and if you could fire as fast as possible the game could be to easy. Think about how autofire would work if it was like that?   

Possible I have played legendary shoot-em ups on both platforms. R-Type in particular is a high-watermark that Michael even mentioned was a source of inspiration. No auto-fire. In fact, that game has 2 fire modes. Tap to fire, and press to hold for a big blast (a cool mechanic). Heck even games like Turrican didn't have auto-fire. BUT - if you had a joystick - you could "cheat" and use it no sweat. That's what a lot of kids did back in the day that could afford one. 

This game follows those paths. It's not a problem as I see it. Somehow Tony beat this game countless times.

And a lot of the games you're probably thinking of were cracked to have trainers put in front of them to give you all kinds of weapons upgrades, and even infinite lives, Continues, etc. 

Welp, a Trainer has been released already for this game in both PAL and NTSC mode. So now we can really hone our skills level by level by trying to do a complete run. It's just like the old days. 

Deleted 63 days ago

Sorry, guys. Had to ban this fool after a few days of writing unreflected shit on this page.

I am all open for constructive criticism of people who have played the game. And I also don't have a problem with people thinking the game is shit.

But by god, let it rest after you told your opinion here.

Hey there, looking to cover your title on our podcast/website for our Amiga CD32 unit, and wanted to know if the download being sold here is already formatted for WHD loading on the TF330 we have setup with our unit (we’re just now getting into Amiga.)

My QA buddy Tony says he exactly used that setup. TF330 and CF cards.
So I'd say the asnwer is yes... :)

In case it's useful I paste my quick first levels impression / remarks from my EAB post : 

Hi ! I've played quite a few games yesterday evening and reached level 3 boss (pretty tough one)... What can I say ?

- I feel you've hit the spot in terms of difficulty curve, which is extremely important for a shmup Right from the start, the game gives the feeling to be difficult but you improve very quickly (you = the player in my text .

There is a common pitfall the game does not fall into : the need to memorize everything. Obviously, the game gets easier as you learn to identify the dangers and the enemies patterns.

Another big plus : the game does not "artificially" try to raise the difficulty or its length but adding tons of waves, unexpected super pervert enemies, etc.
Oh, and super important too : losing a life and thus your equipment does not hamper you that much. Of course, it's tougher but far from being punishing. It usually means "game over" for me in games like R-Type.

Levels are long enough to entertain and put some pressure on you, but short enough not to bore you and not to make you super frustrated when you die after several levels. Also, you get extra lives based on your score.
You do not have tons of different ennemies but they are completely different from one level to the other and feel very fresh. Levels settings are very different : you do not feel content or games mechanisms are being recycled, so it feels varied and continually interested.

Generally, from a technical standpoint, it's very impressive for a one man effort. I'm playing it on my MiSTer FPGA on a projector on the wall, with some scanlines, and it looked gorgeous -- which I must say I didn't expect. Maybe it doesn't always feel as "dense" as some late Amiga endeavours with big teams (ex. Disposable Hero) but it really feels like an AAA game. Music feels it could do with an additional channel for a pad but hey, it's already very enticing.

The only thing that disturbs me a little is I have to continually focus to get the fire rate optimal. I guess that's something I'll probably master quickly.
Cheers !


Thanks for the feedback, Mahen. Read your post on EAB off course already, but it's good for people visiting here to read many opinions on this game... :)

I am thinking about including autofire again, since many people asked for it.. Seems my little "Winter games biathlon" sub game of hitting the button in the right interval puts people off, lol... :D


a Pause button should be standard IMHO (P or F1 like in Gradius)


I have an alternate idea... What if the optimal "button smashing frequency" was sync'ed to the music BPM ? Would make the game even more enjoyable as our ear would be connected to our hands ;)


Would be a bit like in "Rez"... Do you know that game?

Sure !

(1 edit)

Yes, why not. It is kind of unfair that people that do have joysticks with autofire can use it and others not. Not important but I would prefer to see a menu with something like easy = autofire hard = manual. They could even have different high-score lists. That would make it perfect I think.

I wish we had more levels now :p

Just wait a bit...You never know what might happen with these modern ways of delivering content to people... ;)


I cannot believe you still have some remaining space on the floppy disk ?!

It's magic, isn't it? ;) :D

Love it!!!

Thanks, mate! :)

Very good game! I enjoyed it, but sometimes a little frustrating because the low rate of fire and sometimes the collisions seems not in line with the sprite (it looks that the collision box is larger that the sprite, but it's a my impression). Despite of that, is a very good game. I recorded a small gameplay with some considerations (Sorry. Only in italian.). Nice job! :)

Thanks for the feedback, mate.
I concur, collissions are one of the hardest things to get right in a game like this. It's like they work perfectly at 98% of the game, but people (and me as well) will notice the 2% where it feels a bit bad from time to time..

Hope you enjoy the game anyway...

Thanks for your video upload, can I link this in the Facebook group?

Greets to Italy from snowy Munich,

You're welcome! Despite little things, in overall is a really good game and I have appreciate a lot also the graphic style and its variety.

Sure you can share it! :) Thanks!

Thanks mate!

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My son and I are both loving this game a TON (he's 12). 

We first played on an NTSC A1K, but during scenes with lots of moving elements it would sometimes slow down a little bit. So we moved over to an NTSC 16Mhz A3000 and it plays like perfection. 

Two things we've noticed, that you might want to know about.

At the 2nd boss, there appeared a vertical graphical glitch. See here:


You can see it in action when it reveals itself here:


Also, at the bottom of the screen where the ship counter is located, the entire bottom of the screen is missing a few rows. Thus you only see ½ of the ship down there with the number next to it. 

Oh! I tried to move the MOD files to my machines but Hippo wouldn't play them for some reason. I hope to figure that out later...  

Other than those 2 minor graphical issues we're have a total BLAST! I got both the digital and collector's edition. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Wow, thanks for the nice words, intric8. :)

Yep, on an unaccelerated NTSC system there is simply not enough raster time in one frame to blit all objects. The game is definitely optimized for PAL system, with the option to play on NTSC added later on with the recommendation to use some kind of acceleration if it's a vanilla system. ;)

I will have a look into those graphics bugs. Seems they sometimes appear on certain configurations. It's a bit weird.

Anyway thanks for the detailed feedback and for even documenting it! :)

Hope you will go on having a blast with the game with your son. Love playing games with my 8 year old as well a lot.. 


Ah, and on the mod files, these are packed, so they won't play in a normal mod player.
But, I am working on extended versions of these right now which will be downloadable as a little thank you to everybody who bought this here on itch probably next weekend... :)

Also plan to do some further enhancements and goodies on the game if there are enough people showing they are interested in it.. :)

Soundtrack is now online, ready for download, mate!

Deleted 63 days ago

Thanks for the detailed feedback, mate!

About 6. : actually, do NOT push like a maniac : it won't make the ship fire faster ! You have to find the optimal frequency to get the fastest possible rate. 

Thank you for this game :-) Just purchased !

Thanks mate.. Wish you a great time with the game... :)

great game. loving it. whats the updates for? is it vampire

which updates do you mean, my friend? :

Its ok. Ive already spoke to tony about this on f.b. no updates... its just itch.io refers to the game as an update in an email after i got the game. My confusion was based on the fact theres many games i buy on itch.io that have updates straight after release fixing minor issues. Soul force being the last one.

(1 edit)

Purchased yesterday, Totally Awesome game Love it and right difficulty as well, Excellent work pal,  Both thumbs up..SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

Happy you like the game, Denaris. You have been commenting here such a long time ago already.. :)
Hope you will have lots of fun with it in the future.. :)

Many thanks, really great shoot'em up for Amiga.

On Vampire V4 standalone only CD32 version works and only under standard AROS rom, I tested it with Kick 3.1, 3.x (45.064) and 3.1.4 but no way. WHDLoad version shows only a black screen.

Tested on real Amiga 1200 + Blizzard IV game works perfectly.

Mmhh, you are the second person reporting this. I think I need to have a look into that problem with the V4.

Thanks for the feedback, DanyPPC... :)

and small... gameplay :-)



Are you still en route for a March release, or will it take a bit more time?


Hey mate, game will be released 11th of April.
There will be a live twitch stream where the game is demonstrated as it looks now. 
Hope you will like it.. 

Your game is to be released on my Birthday how awesome is that and cant wait :)    SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

That's nice, mate... :)
Hope you will enjoy watching the show where we present the game... ;)


Thank you for the answer and providing the link.

Just two more things:

- Do you when the stream will go live?

- Will this game be available as a retail release, considering the cover up there with the polyplay logo I guess yes, but asking doesn't cost anything ;)

Physical versions at http://polyplay.xyz


yep, there will be a deluxe boxed set, budget version and CD32 version.

Just check polyplay.xyz on sunday evening.
The strream will go live on 7pm Berlin time.. 

Hope to see you there... ;)

Whdload slave sounds great. Could we not have a demo version with the whdload slave so want to try the game out.


This game looks great. What would make it extra great is if it worked on Vampire SA. I have tried running it and I get just a black screen. Please email if there is any way I can help . Im not a programmer though but am willing to test things for you

(1 edit) (-1)

Inviyya works fabulous on Vampires (tested it a lot on my V1200), but you need a floppy drive. The game is switching off the OS and uses a special loader for maximum performance on A500 level systems.

Since the SA doesn't have one, that's where the problem lies, I guess.

The full game version will have a whdLoad slave, so that will cover you on that front... 

Hope you will like the game, looking forward to your feedback.

I love the box art work of inviyya and just wondered if you have a 1280 x 720 pic so i can have it on my desktop displayed, that will be great thank you, look forward to the release of your game :) cant wait!!

Need to ask Seba from Poly.Play, but I think this will be possible... :)

So, the game will be release at February 2021?


February or March.

ok! thx

April 11 it is coming :)

Hey there, I am very interested in your game and am already planning to throw my money at you, but I'd like to know something first.

As I understand this demo is playable on a real Amiga, is there a special configuration needed (ram and or cpu) or should it work on any model? I ask because I can run it on UAE with no problem, but when I try on my Amiga 500 it starts to load, after a while my disk drive goes nuts and after a few seconds I get a garbled screen and nothing else.

My config is an Amiga 500 Rev. 6a, Kick 3.1, with 1mb chip, 64mb fast ram a 68030 at 50Mhz with MMU, a real floppy and a gotek drive (both go insane while loading)

Perhaps you encountered this also during development and have an idea where the problem is, if not I can alwayss use UAE.

Thanks for reading.

And here I am again...feeling stupid... :D

Tried copying the adf to a floppy again and this time it works. So please disregard my previous post. 

So just let me say this from one Michael to another, get it done I want to spend my hard earned cash :D

On a more serious note, thank you for your hard work and commitment to this old hardware it is always nice to come back to retro systems and see that there is actually still work be done.  Looking forward to the release.

(1 edit)

Hey Michael, I'd be really wondering if this didn't work on your config. We tested this game on a shitload of different systems, from a base A500 to a 68060 and Vampire cards. :)

Glad to hear it works now, though...  :)
Hope you will like the final game, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it when it released..
Have a great time, mate,

the other Michael 

Please let me know when your game is finished, that will be great cheers pal, Hope you have a good Christmas :)

Hey Denaris, thanks for your kind words.
My Laptop crashed hard two weeks ago, so no release at the moment, unfortunately.
But I made regular backups.. Game should be safe... :D

Wish you a nice Christmas as well, my friend..


I'm sure not long now or days away from the release of your wonderful shoot em up game, in other words have my money and a Christmas bonus thrown in for all your hard work, Cant wait :)

Ahhh stop teasing us :D


I've tried the demo and the game seems to have a lot of potential, but two things annoyed me a lot:

1) Collisions don't work properly and are too punishing. You die even if nothing really touches you. I think a very smaller hitbox is necessary.

2) When you die you don't even notice, both because of the collisions bug, and because nothing happens: no explosions, no sound effects.

If I may add some suggestion I think it would be nice to have sound effects for "bigger" enemies shooting (like flying and walking mechs in the demo).

Ah, I found a BUG! :)
Once in three attempts the first level's boss (wich I could not beat! It's hard!) did not appear, leaving me in the empty room, with nothing to do but crashing on the soil.


1) I need a video or at least a screenshot for specific instances where you feel it's this way. 
2) there is an explosion and sound effect if you. It's just not different from the other explosion and their sfx, so maybe you didn't notice?
3) would be nice, but RAM for sound fx is extremely limited if you have music as well in an A500 game (reason why many games didn't have music and SFX playing the same time), and since you only have one channel for everything, it can easily happen that this sfx will be drowned out since explosion sounds have priority.. 

That boss bug is already repaired.. 

Thanks for your feedback, hope you enjoyed the demo anyway.

Feels lovely and smooth to play. Some of the explosions could do with being beefed-up, tho (e.g. the player ship and those big dudes near the start). And, yeah, an autofire option would be nice ;)

Thanks for the nice words... :)

Add an Autofire, please! My fingers get sore from pressing that button so much!

Haha. :)

very impressive shoot em up, Awesome use of colours and parralax scrolling, love the ship design & cool weapons, looking forward to the release of this Fantastic game and Excellent work..i dont own an AMIGA computer but i have an emulator...will their be a Rom release of INVIYYA  for purchase ? Thank you :)

Hey mate, thanks for your nice words.. :)
Yes, there will be a digital release (an adf file... :) )
Greets from sunny Munich...

(2 edits)

Thank you pal, Thats great news, cant wait to buy & play your game :)

Greets from the U.K.

Hi pal, how are you getting on with your game ? cheers :)

Almost finished now... Game will be released before christmas.. :)

Thank you for your reply & cant wait to purchase your Awesome Shoot Em Up :)

Great Gameplay.

I will schow the Game on my german Youtube Channel AmigaCoder.

I hope the game it will be finished soon. Its a great new game for classic Amigas. TOP !!!

Nice Greetings from Germany , Berlin to you. AmigaCoder


Thanks, man.. :)
Wait for the updated demo, will be uploaded here very soon.

Features a much better weapon upgrade system, higher difficulty level and much less problem with various configs... 

Have a nice day... :

I have to say I would love to see an NTSC version, too. My A1000 won't go into PAL mode like my A500 and A1200 can (because of Denise), so the demo just locks up.
I am going to be doing a video with Boat from Amigos Podcast about games that work on an A1000, and it would be so awesome if this one did!
Of course, I will enjoy it anyway on my other machines, but just wanted to put in another vote for NTSC.
I would guess that your poll on your Facebook page was mostly PAL because most of the people who like you page happened to be from Europe. I honestly had never heard of the game until I saw you on Bills stream last week. (Of course I am on your FB page now!)
Doug - 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast

Hey Doug, I conducted the poll on the "Commodore Amiga" FB page, not on my games page.. ;)
The problem with NTSC is not implementing the correct mode, but that the game runs faster and has less time per frame to blit objects.
As it is, the game is running a typical A500 (and also A1000, where I usually test on) to its maximum capacity, meaning, it's also already sometimes over it, which results in dropping frames. You could play the game in NTSC, but it would feel super slow, unless you have some kind of accelerator built in that is making up the blittertime lost by the additional frames per second.
Changing all of this would unfortunately need an extensive rebuild of the games levels. Which is something I'd rather like to avoid... 
Hope you might enjoy the game anyway, many greets, Michael

You will love to hear, that the new version is NTSC capable.. Just try it out... Greets, Michael

Tried it on my NTSC systems and forces system to PAL mode.  Looks like it doesn't utilize the whole screen in PAL anyway.   Will this be NTSC compatible?

(1 edit)

Well, it uses only 192 lines, so in that regard it's not "anti NTSC".

I won't create a dedicated NTSC version though. A poll I created some time ago in the Facebook Amiga group indicated that the percentage of NTSC machines used for gaming is really incredibly small.

Unfortunately, I have to pick my battlefields when it comes to spending my time for the game, so this is really not high on my to do list, sorry..

Looks very neat! I played the demo on winUAE, my Amiga 500 is in my family home :) A few suggestions. 

I don't know in which state is the title screen, but that planet in the background makes logo a bit less readable.

In the very beginning, you can just fly straight and shoot through the enemies. So, either enemies should have some unpredictable movement, or maybe some of them should not be destroyed by one hit. That way the player would be forced to move around.

And I've noticed one glitch. I entered the spaceship, and when I died, it re-spawned me just in front of other obstacle so it crashed instantly after re-spawn without any chance to avoid the obstacle.

Other than that, I am more than happy to review a demo for Amiga 500 in 2020 :) I'll surely play it some more.

Keep on the good work!

Thanks man.. :)
Will put the wrong respawn in my bug tracker list..
When you finished the boss, please give me small report how many tries and lives you needed, if you have time... Would be amazing... Thanks.. 

I saw this wrong respawn kinda error in Amigabill's stream once... I think you have to have some sort of immunity as soon as you come back to life to avoid this (like in Disposable hero), unless you are popping back to a predetermined checkpoint (like in R-Type)

These are predeterminded checkpoints. 
But I need to simplychange  that check point a bit, then it's okay.

I did not notice that. then you're good I guess! :D