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A horizontal SHMUP for the line of classic Commodore Amiga computers, Inviyya will feature 6 levels, couple of special weapons, 3 layer parallax scrolling and nice music and sfx.


inviyya_demo_v2.adf 880 kB

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I've tried the demo and the game seems to have a lot of potential, but two things annoyed me a lot:

1) Collisions don't work properly and are too punishing. You die even if nothing really touches you. I think a very smaller hitbox is necessary.

2) When you die you don't even notice, both because of the collisions bug, and because nothing happens: no explosions, no sound effects.

If I may add some suggestion I think it would be nice to have sound effects for "bigger" enemies shooting (like flying and walking mechs in the demo).

Ah, I found a BUG! :)
Once in three attempts the first level's boss (wich I could not beat! It's hard!) did not appear, leaving me in the empty room, with nothing to do but crashing on the soil.


1) I need a video or at least a screenshot for specific instances where you feel it's this way. 
2) there is an explosion and sound effect if you. It's just not different from the other explosion and their sfx, so maybe you didn't notice?
3) would be nice, but RAM for sound fx is extremely limited if you have music as well in an A500 game (reason why many games didn't have music and SFX playing the same time), and since you only have one channel for everything, it can easily happen that this sfx will be drowned out since explosion sounds have priority.. 

That boss bug is already repaired.. 

Thanks for your feedback, hope you enjoyed the demo anyway.

Feels lovely and smooth to play. Some of the explosions could do with being beefed-up, tho (e.g. the player ship and those big dudes near the start). And, yeah, an autofire option would be nice ;)

Thanks for the nice words... :)

Add an Autofire, please! My fingers get sore from pressing that button so much!

Haha. :)

very impressive shoot em up, Awesome use of colours and parralax scrolling, love the ship design & cool weapons, looking forward to the release of this Fantastic game and Excellent work..i dont own an AMIGA computer but i have an emulator...will their be a Rom release of INVIYYA  for purchase ? Thank you :)

Hey mate, thanks for your nice words.. :)
Yes, there will be a digital release (an adf file... :) )
Greets from sunny Munich...

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Thank you pal, Thats great news, cant wait to buy & play your game :)

Greets from the U.K.

Great Gameplay.

I will schow the Game on my german Youtube Channel AmigaCoder.

I hope the game it will be finished soon. Its a great new game for classic Amigas. TOP !!!

Nice Greetings from Germany , Berlin to you. AmigaCoder


Thanks, man.. :)
Wait for the updated demo, will be uploaded here very soon.

Features a much better weapon upgrade system, higher difficulty level and much less problem with various configs... 

Have a nice day... :

I have to say I would love to see an NTSC version, too. My A1000 won't go into PAL mode like my A500 and A1200 can (because of Denise), so the demo just locks up.
I am going to be doing a video with Boat from Amigos Podcast about games that work on an A1000, and it would be so awesome if this one did!
Of course, I will enjoy it anyway on my other machines, but just wanted to put in another vote for NTSC.
I would guess that your poll on your Facebook page was mostly PAL because most of the people who like you page happened to be from Europe. I honestly had never heard of the game until I saw you on Bills stream last week. (Of course I am on your FB page now!)
Doug - 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast

Hey Doug, I conducted the poll on the "Commodore Amiga" FB page, not on my games page.. ;)
The problem with NTSC is not implementing the correct mode, but that the game runs faster and has less time per frame to blit objects.
As it is, the game is running a typical A500 (and also A1000, where I usually test on) to its maximum capacity, meaning, it's also already sometimes over it, which results in dropping frames. You could play the game in NTSC, but it would feel super slow, unless you have some kind of accelerator built in that is making up the blittertime lost by the additional frames per second.
Changing all of this would unfortunately need an extensive rebuild of the games levels. Which is something I'd rather like to avoid... 
Hope you might enjoy the game anyway, many greets, Michael

You will love to hear, that the new version is NTSC capable.. Just try it out... Greets, Michael

Tried it on my NTSC systems and forces system to PAL mode.  Looks like it doesn't utilize the whole screen in PAL anyway.   Will this be NTSC compatible?

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Well, it uses only 192 lines, so in that regard it's not "anti NTSC".

I won't create a dedicated NTSC version though. A poll I created some time ago in the Facebook Amiga group indicated that the percentage of NTSC machines used for gaming is really incredibly small.

Unfortunately, I have to pick my battlefields when it comes to spending my time for the game, so this is really not high on my to do list, sorry..

Looks very neat! I played the demo on winUAE, my Amiga 500 is in my family home :) A few suggestions. 

I don't know in which state is the title screen, but that planet in the background makes logo a bit less readable.

In the very beginning, you can just fly straight and shoot through the enemies. So, either enemies should have some unpredictable movement, or maybe some of them should not be destroyed by one hit. That way the player would be forced to move around.

And I've noticed one glitch. I entered the spaceship, and when I died, it re-spawned me just in front of other obstacle so it crashed instantly after re-spawn without any chance to avoid the obstacle.

Other than that, I am more than happy to review a demo for Amiga 500 in 2020 :) I'll surely play it some more.

Keep on the good work!

Thanks man.. :)
Will put the wrong respawn in my bug tracker list..
When you finished the boss, please give me small report how many tries and lives you needed, if you have time... Would be amazing... Thanks.. 

I saw this wrong respawn kinda error in Amigabill's stream once... I think you have to have some sort of immunity as soon as you come back to life to avoid this (like in Disposable hero), unless you are popping back to a predetermined checkpoint (like in R-Type)

These are predeterminded checkpoints. 
But I need to simplychange  that check point a bit, then it's okay.

I did not notice that. then you're good I guess! :D